Machinimoo August 2006 – September 2008, June 2009 – Present

Independent Contractor

As an independent contractor in the machinima field, I’ve been mentioned in WiredSL ReutersGigaOM, and many other places. I’ve fielded calls from the manager of Duran Duran, advised Fortune 500 companies, and received offers to speak at universities.

  • Pleiades: Working with educators to assess and meet their needs when it comes to the Pleiades virtual environment. Various duties include concierge service, sim backups, and bug testing.
  • Intelli: The leading book publishing system in Second Life requested a series of tutorial videos to demonstrate their products. The first of which covers the Book Factory.
  • Designing Digitally: Marshall University announced the MUOnline virtual campus and wanted an accompanying video to go with it.
  • American Cancer Society: Worked on a 17-minute documentary featuring four Second Life residents discussing how they use the virtual world to fundraise for Relay for Life.
  • Linden Lab: Provided edited raw footage of Second Life to be used with news services.
  • Text 100: Worked with Manpower to announce their presence in Second Life. Have worked with Cisco since September 2007 on their event announcement machinima.
  • Electric Sheep Company: The Grid Review was a video news blog that ran from December 2006 to February 2007. It involved writing, narrating, filming, editing, and blogging about certain subjects once to twice a week. In addition, the shows were delivered to thousands of Second Life residents in-world through a special video player. Community participation and citizen video journalism was encouraged.
  • Millions of Us: Completed projects that reached thousands of viewers for companies like C|Net, Intel, and Pontiac for the Jay-Z appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show.
  • Lost in the Magic Forest: Created a 10 second commercial that appeared on Dutch television to promote Zwortboek 2, by Paul Verhoeven.

Machinima.com September 2008 – May 2009

World of Warcraft Community Manager/Second Life Production

  • Responsible for blogging up to 100 times per month on various topics such as How-tos, Video Features, and FAQs. Also produced podcasts, videos, and contests in conjunction with the blog.
  • Acted as a liaison between Machinima.com and members of their director program, as well as the greater World of Warcraft machinima community.
  • Conceptualized, wrote, and started production on a 13 episode machinima series in Second Life.

Weblogs, Inc Network February 2007 – September 2008


  • As moo Money, I’ve established myself as a top-notch, trustworthy blogger that has delivered quality news relating to the MMO portion of the gaming industry.
  • Second Life Insider (02/2007 – 11/2007) – A blog about Second Life news and information. My areas of focus were company highlights, machinima, human interest, and shopping.
  • Massively (11/2007 – 07/2008) – A blog about all things MMO-related. Specifically, I wrote the daily Cinemassively column, which highlighted quality MMO machinima.
  • WoW Insider (12/2007 – 10/2008) – One of the leading blogs about World of Warcraft news. My specialty was the daily WoW Moviewatch column, which featured machinima by talented artists and also gave advice to aspiring ones.

Alt-Zoom Studios May 2006 – September 2007

Community Manager

  • Encouraged the production of Machinima by Second Life Residents.
  • Gathered submissions for the Take5 Machinima Festival, growing it from two submissions per month to over 25.
  • Educated residents about Machinima, explaining the uses in-depth and providing them with tutorials.
  • (Presently) Manage a community of 750 residents interested in Machinima.


Bayjou Theater June 2008 – Present

  • Working with Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life, I help manage their Linden Department of Public Works owned theater, Bayjou Theater. It will regularly feature new machinima, premieres, and classes.

#machinima on Quakenet IRC December 2007 – Present

  • As part of the active machinima community, I, along with some of the top WoW machinimators, regularly advise newcomers on how to make machinima. I also offer voice acting services.

Second Life Community Convention August 2007

Second Life Relay For Life July 2007

  • Managed a group of approximately 40 residents to build the Ceremony Centre for RFL, as well as raise almost 2000 dollars.
  • Won the design award for our Zelda theme.
  • Designed a second sim in a Final Fantasy theme.

Teen Grid March 2007

  • Teaching Machinima on the Teen Grid through Global Kids.

Stratics 2001-2003

  • Reported for various MMORPGs and MMOs, including Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies.
  • Managed news for The Sims Online Stratics.


AMAS Machinima Festival November 2006

  • Moderated a panel on Machinima from a Professional Standpoint. Panelists included Chris Carella, of the Electric Sheep Company, and two members of the Machinima team (Tristan Pope and Terran Gregory) from Blizzard that made the WoW South Park movie.

Second Life Community Convention August 2006

  • Ran a successful Machinima Festival for 100 residents.
  • Led a discussion for residents interested in Machinima and its future.


Dell Gaming September 2008

World of Warcraft Machinima Contest

Koinup August 2008

A Day in Your Life Machinima Contest